Top 10 High PR one Way Backlinks Site

Top 10 High PR one Way Backlinks SiteYou’ll find that positive sites pack a powerful knock with search engines and some are a complete unwanted of time.

I’ve found that the following 10 websites are the perfect starting power point for your backlinking campaign:


(PR 9 No-Follow)

One of the downsides to Facebook is they have a “no-follow” policy with their outbound links High PR one Way Backlinks .  This earnings your site won’t get glory for any link from this social media site.

 Well, there are a amount of pointers that Google has increased their emphasis on the amount of “social buzz” a site gets.  So it’s important to set up a Facebook profile or Fan Page for your website.  Plus you should also make sure this page gets a stable amount of comments and likes.


(PR 9 Do-Follow/No-Follow)

– There’s a little mistake about YouTube when it comes to High PR one Way Backlinks. Your main profile does have a single ‘do-follow’ backlink. But all other links (including the ones in your video content or description.


(PR 9)

Blogger is possessed by Google and it eats a PR of 9.  Both factors mean you should continuously have a backlink from this site High PR one Way Backlinks.

(PR 9)

This is additional excellent site for creating content on a popular blogging platform.


(PR 8)

 This micro-blogging platform lets you post text, pictures, quotes and links.  Done correctly, you can get a  PR 6 or 7 backlink from this site. Watch Ana’s video for more details.

Google +:

(PR 8)

This is Google’s answer to Facebook. The cool thing about this site is you can create at least one  do-follow backlink to your website. Even better – Google uses this site as part of their procedure. So it’s important to create a Google+ page that includes newscaster text with your primary keyword in the Profile area.

Live Journal:

(PR 8)

 This is a great blogging platform to get backlinks.  Just like Weebly and WordPress, you can create content with an unlimited amount of links pointing back to your site.


(PR 8)

This is a countless place to create free websites.  What I like about Weebly is they do a good job of restrictive the amount of advertisements on each page.


(PR 7)

This is THE best place to create content that ranks well in the Google search engine. Squidoo provisions a number of tools to make visually attractive web pages High PR one Way Backlinks.  Plus you can include multiple links to many pages on every single lens.

What I like about Squidoo is it has increased their credibility with Google after the so-called “Panda Update.” Right after the algorithm change, Squidoo got rid of their junk/duplicate

Web Wire:

(PR 7)

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